How do i contact you by phone or direct email?

You can contact Jay Szczypiorski, Director of Cast a Shadow at 909-648-8471 or email:  

You can contact Jesse Norton, Director of the Race Team at 951-315-4194 or email:

How can I become part of the support team?

You can contact Deena Szczypiorski at 951-265-6584 or email:


how can i donate?

You can either mail a check or money order written out to His Venture and mail it to   Cast a Shadow Attn: Anne Crosby PO Box 1003, Romoland CA 92585 or call Anne Crosby at 951-970-8592

If i just began or want to begin to ride a bike is this a place for me?

Let us just say that we love all levels and especially people that are either just starting or wanted to start riding.  We all began somewhere and it is our heart to give back what we have learned. 

what if i don't have a bike and i am scared to purchase one because i might not like it?

We know where you are coming from but Cast a Shadow is the place to be.  Our heart is to teach and give opportunity to those that might not be able to afford a bike right now or just simply want to try it out to see if they like it.  Give Jay a call at 909-648-8471 and let him know you want to try it out.  We got bikes, helmets, shoes and much more gear for you to try out.


How do i get a jersey

Cast a Shadow takes their colors proudly.  To be able to get a jersey you must meet and talk to Jay Szczypiorski.  He likes to lay down the purpose of the colors before they are handed out to people.  Give him a call at 909-648-8471 or email at