FORWARD: An Adaptive Bike Race March 2018


Partially Adaptive Bike Given and Lives Impacted 2017

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our roots

Salt and light to a dark and bland world.  Cast a Shadow offers to bring hope through 2 wheels by breathing life into dead bones.  Cast a Shadow uses the vehicle of modern cycling to cultivate an unparalleled riding community.  It empowers riders to seek and become the best possible version of themselves. Cast a Shadow offers organized group rides and mentorships that partners with riders taking them from the sofa to the finish line of their first 100 mile bike ride. The inspiration does not end there.  As riding bikes and self improvement via community are a priceless thing the end goal is to leave lives changed and enriched. This is where Cast a Shadow's hand of hope encourages the passion of Ride With Purpose.

As an organization we partner with a variety of unprivileged groups and non profit organizations to provide bikes to inner city kids, water wells to third world countries, and covering medical expenses and other hardships experienced by members of the community at large that may have otherwise gone unmet.

Through a platform of getting people active and leveraging our resources of fundraising we seek to bring light, peace and love into a world thirsting for just that.  And while we're at it, knocking down a few personal dreams and winning some races is simply icing on a beautiful cake.

Join us as we ride this life together, pushing, prodding, and motivating our brothers and sisters to run a race worth watching and to keep the faith until the prize.  

Help us invest into lives both on and off the bike.