Children need a better pathway in sports than ‘up or out’
— Aspen Institute Project Play


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Rev the Hearts of Our Youth. Aspen Institute's Study on Project Play states "9 out of 10 children say "FUN" is the main reason they participate in sports". That is why REVOLUTION exists... it is the place where we bridge that gap between youth beginner mountain bikers to the advanced ones. Creating an atmosphere where Kids of recommended ages 6-17 are welcome as they are... no need to be a fast rider just plan to have fun together. Kids have a blast, laugh and ride together while basics of the dirt are taught to them. We have an open, non-restrictive membership that operates open to all.

Earn it

If your youth doesn't have a bike don't worry... Cast a Shadow, The Bike Shop of Temecula, and Cannondale can fix that.  We offer a Fun Responsibility and Commitment Program that gets them a borrowed bike just as long as they EARN it by riding for fun with the Team at least once a week for two months and maintains the bike in working order.  So basically we want the youth to have fun with their peers.  Riding different dirt roads, paths, and some single track.  At the End of the 2 months you have the option to EARN the bike for another 2 months, buy the bike at cost, or hand the bike back to the sponsors.  The number of Bikes we have are limited.  The beginner rides are Saturday's starting at 4pm at the El Dorado Park in Menifee CA.  Studies show active kids do better in life.  Let’s Bridge that GAP and get our kids out there and having fun together.

The Ride

The Ride:  We will decide the distance and route when we meet. But, plan for about 30-60 minutes of dirt (don't worry not all of it is riding). We will be back before dark.  We will be riding south and east to explore dirt roads, river bed and single track. This will be more of a cross country ride with optional minimal technical skills needed. Let's talk during the ride to find out what type of riding most would like to do each Saturday as we REV the Hearts of Our Youth.  Contact Jay Szczypiorski if you have any questions (

Revolution Rewards Success program

Fifth 2 Month Block:

may 18 - June 29

July 13th summer trip to skypark

5 shows at REVOLUTION gets the Kid “FREE” entry at SkyPark July 13th

4 Races at Over the Hump gets the Kid “FREE” entry at SkyPark July 13th

Everyone is welcome…

Start Location Below: 

Start Location: The Play Park 28680 Aldergate Dr, Menifee, CA 92584 at 615PM

Start Location: park on DIrt Road olive St across From el dorado park